Fire Proof Sealants / Batts / Collars

Passive fire protection (PFP) is an integral component of the three components of structural fire protection and fire safety in a building.

Passive fire protection measures are intended to contain a fire in the fire compartment of origin, thus limiting the spread of fire and smoke for a limited period of time, as determined by the local building code and fire code. Passive fire protection measures, such as fire stops, fire walls, and fire doors, are tested to determine the fire-resistance rating of the final assembly, usually expressed in terms of hours of fire resistance. As the name suggests, passive fire protection remains inactive in the coating system until a fire occurs.

Alpha Fire has joined hands with renowned manufacturers from the UK such as Envirograph, Firetherm, having trained professionals from the factory to do load calculations, apply and certify the fire resistance applications.

Is a medium viscosity paste for internal use, containing acrylic emulsion, inert filters and fungicide.


Firetherm Mastic may be used to fire-seal linear joints between substrates in compartment locations. It may also be used in movement joints and offers a movement capability of upto 30%

Intubatt is a factory finished multi layered, low resin bonded, rock mineral fibre board. Firetherm abative coated on both faces with unique Optifire-indentifiable coating. Manufactured under controlled factory conditions to ISO 9001 to the required thickness and specification. Intubatt may be over coated using a suitable emulsion or eggshell point for decorative purposes.


Intubatt is used to reinstate compartment wall and floor openings to maintain the required fire resistance, and assist with the reinstatement of acoustic capability. Intubatt is suitable for us around services such as suitably supported fire rated dampers, pipe work and electrical cabling, against the passage of fire providing up to 4 hours integrity and insulation in block work and up to 120 min integrity and insulation in dry walls.

This product consists of a hollow cylindrical metal clamp into which is placed a lining of Intumescent material, The whole assembly is fitted over a PVC pipe to provide 1-4 hours fire protection. In the event of a fire, the Intumescent material expands and, as it is constrained by the metal clamp, exerts pressure on the contained pipe to crush-seal its flow. The WPCS will also cool Metal and Copper pipes to prevent heat transfer through walls and floors.

PVC pipes from 45mm internal diameter up to 650mm internal diameter can be protected by our standard range, but larger sizes are available to special order.

WPCS can be made to other diameters. When required to pass through a hollow partition the length of the collar can be adjusted accordingly.

An acoustic protection version is also available

The Multi-Purpose Box (EB Box) consists of a metal box section with a detachable piece to facilitate fitting in tight corners, the box section houses the intumescent material and the fire resistant sponge which used to give you smoke protection.

The boxes have fixing brackets that are adjustable by bending them flat for fitting, so that they may be used to fit flush against the ceiling or floor, as well as the conventional right-angled fixing.

The Envirograf multi-purpose box is designed to offer the most versatile, easily-fitted solution to the problem of protection of services that pass through ceilings, floors, and walls.

The Multi-Purpose Box offers up to 4 hours fire protection

Envirograf Intumescent Pipe Covers are designed to protect pipes and cables in close proximity to a ceiling or wall, or where they penetrate at awkward angles and prevent use of a regular Envirograf Wrap or Pipe Collar.

The Pipe Cover comes in two different styles a U shaped unit and also a H shaped unit are available for difficult corners.

The Pipe Cover is fairly simple to install they simply fit over the service and screwed in to place.